Audio and Communications Signal Processing Group (GTAC)


The Audio and Communications Signal Processing Group (GTAC) focuses its research in signal processing algorithms used in sound and wireless communication applications. Since 1998, GTAC members have managed and participated in different research projects related to Active Noise Control systems, Sound quality perception, Spatial Audio rendering and Multi-channel audio filtering in the area of sound processing, and related to Efficient MIMO receivers, Multi-user communications and coordinated systems in the area of wireless communications. Achieved results in these fields are available through the numerous papers listed in the publications menu.

Currently, GTAC is leading the use of General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GP-GPUs) in real-time multichannel signal processing. Multichannel systems are especially suitable for parallel programming as they usually have to process several signals simultaneously. GP-GPUs are designed to perform massive computation in parallel, but with strict memory and programming constraints that have to be considered in order to fully exploit their benefits. For this purpose GTAC is collaborating with the Interdisciplinary Computation and Communication Group of the Universitat Politècnica de València in several projects.

The GTAC laboratory comprises several facilities as a large listening room (40 m2), totally equipped with audiovisual and control instrumentation.


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