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David Martín-Sacristán is a researcher in the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). He received Telecommunication Engineer and MSc degrees in 2006 and 2007 from UPV, and the PhD in 2016. He received the National Telecommunication Engineers Fundación Telefónica prize and UPV Telefónica Chair second prize to his final career project where an HSDPA downlink system level simulator was developed. He received the best Master student prize from UPV in the specialty of Signal Theory and Communications. Second prize from the UPV Telefónica Chair to his Master Thesis devoted to link adaptation in HSDPA. David has participated in two European projects. The Celtic WINNER+ (Wireless World Innitiative New Radio +), the FP7 METIS (Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty -2020- Information Society) and the ongoing METIS-II. In METIS-II, he is engaged in the work group in charge of modeling and evaluation of the future 5G mobile systems. He has participated in 3 national projects (one is ongoing), 1 regional and 1 from the UPV. He has published 9 journals papers, 19 conference papers, 4 book chapters. He has been a member of the Technical Program Comitee of 4 international conferences. With his research group, he received the first prize of the III Valencia Idea competition from Valencia City Council in 2009 in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. He has participated in an industrial project with national funding whose goal is to develop LTE femtocells with cognitive capabilities. His tasks concerned the development of MAC layer, with special focus on scheduling and MAC-PHY layers interface. He has contributed to the Small Cell Forum as a developer of a new scheduler interface for LTE-Advanced. As a teacher, he has given official classes in the Telecommunication Engineer degree (60 hours), Master classes in the Communications and Mobile Services Development (47 hours) and seminars about 3G and 4G to companies specialized in the deployment and optimization of mobile networks (23 hours). He has been codirector of 2 final career projects. As a researcher, his main interests are the modeling and simulation of wireless and mobile communication systems, radio resource management (dynamic resource allocation, scheduling), link adaptation, MIMO (MU-MIMO, SDMA), interference coordination, coordinated multipoint transmission/reception (CoMP), heterogeneous networks, and vehicular communications.
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