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Mobile Communications Group (MCG)

Mobile Communications Group (MCG) is composed of about 30 professors and researchers developing different activities related to the area of wireless communications.

Photonics Research Labs (PRL)

The PRL mission is to produce high-quality scientific knowledge in the field of optics, quantum optics and photonics, through research projects, R&D contracts and collaboration agreements with the private sector.

Microwave Applications Group (GAM)

The Microwave Applications Group (GAM) focuses its research on the development of techniques for analysis and design of passive components are implemented in various techonogies.

Multimedia Communications Group (COMM)

The Multimedia Communications Group (COMM) of iTEAM was founded in 2004. Our area of expertise is multimedia content transmission over IP networks.

Electromagnetic Radiation Group (GRE)

The research of the Electromagnetic Radiation Group (GRE) is focused on the analysis and design of antennas for microwave, millimeter and THz applications.

Digital Systems Integration Group (GISED)

The group is focused in the design of hardware-oriented algorithms and architectures for FPGA-based digital signal processing and digital communication systems.

Audio and Communications Signal Processing Group (GTAC)

The Audio and Communications Signal Processing Group (GTAC) focuses its research in signal processing algorithms used in sound and wireless communication applications.

Signal Processing Group (GTS)

Signal Processing Group (GTS)


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