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The Telecommunication Engineering activities began at the Universitat Politcnica de Valncia with the creation of the School of Telecommunication Engineers in 1987 and the starting up of the Communications Department in 1990. This Department centralized most of the research activities in this field until the approval and creation of the ENCIs (Non Conventional Research Entities) by the Government Board of the UPV in 1999. One of these approved ENCIs constituted the Institute of Informatics Engineering, Multimedia, Communications and Computing (IMCO2).

The IMCO2 officially developed its activities since the approval of its statutes in June 2002 to June 2004 when, due to strategic reasons, it experienced a reorganization of its integrating groups and its technological positioning, focusing on Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications activities.

As a result of their outstanding research, the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) was recognized as University Research Institute by the Regional Government on July 29th, 2005.

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News iTEAM is present at 19th NTV awards

iTEAM researchers have been awarded with the best TFM 2017 in telecommunication engineering.

Optical sensors nervous system

The PRL participates in the development of an advanced optical sensors nervous system for biomedicine, civil or energy engineering

Jos Capmany awarded an ERC Advanced Grant

Jos Capmany has been awarded and ERC Advanced Grant to implement a universal photonic chip that will be programmable and multifunctional

Rest in peace Giacomo Nicolai

From iTEAM we deeply regret the sad news about the passing of Giacomo Nicolai

Soundcool en TEDxUPValencia

Soundcool en TEDxUPValencia

Introduction to SEAMCAT: Spectrum Engineering Monte Carlo Analysis Tool

Next conference - iTEAM Communications and Multimedia Lecture Program

A pioneering device fabricated in iTEAM will contribute to ensure the 5G communications performance

Researchers from the Photonics Research Labs have fabricated an advanced optical device that will contribute to ensure the performance of 5G communications and Internet of Things

The MCG carries out on its premises the first tests of the new DTT standard for the United States

A team from the Mobile Communications Group (MCG) has carried out, from its installations, the first tests of the most advanced systems of transmission of the New standard for digital terrestrial television in the United States: ATSC 3.0.

iTEAM participates in the Devolpment of Wireless Capsule Endoscopy in the Framework of the WIBEC Project

iTEAM-UPV hosted the second meeting of the WIBEC Project, an ITN funded by the European Commission, whose main goal is the training of future researchers in the field of wireless communications for implanted medical devices.

Ivana Gasulla has been granted a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council

The project InnoSpace aims at revolutionizing fibre-wireless communications through space-division multiplexed photonics


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