5G Laboratory technician in Spain

Research Area

Wireless Communications


Development and Integration of a 5G Test-bed in UPV premises

SUPERVISOR: David Gómez-Barquero

PAYROLL (Degree Graduate): 1866 €/month (taxes not included)
PAYROLL (Ph.D Holder): 2390 €/month (taxes not included)

DESCRIPTION: 5G-Xcast is a 5GPPP Phase II project focused on Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers For the Fifth Generation of Wireless Systems. The project analyses the requirements for future media, including 4k/8k Ultra-High-Definition Television (UHDTV) and other cutting edge multimedia, covering both commercial and technical aspects. 5G-Xcast also investigates how to provide Broadcast and Multicast in 5G, from Physical Layer, Radio Access Network, up to the 5G Core and Content Distribution Network.
Inside this project, iTEAM is the coordinator and Project Manager for 5G-Xcast. A 5G compliant laboratory with Release 15 equipment is planned for 2019 inside the iTEAM premises. iTEAM is searching for candidates to bring to reality the developments made inside 5G-Xcast, related to New Radio Mobile Physical Layer, adding new functionalities such as multicast and broadcast, using Software-Defined-Radio (SDR) equipment. Several SDR equipment is available to act both as transmitter and receiver.

• To help in the deployment and integration of the iTEAM 5G laboratory.
• Development of transmitting and receiving functions on top of existing Release 15 to allow for Multicast and Broadcast communications in SDR equipment.
• Validation by trials on UPV campus of 5G and/or 5G-Xcast technology if the schedule allows for it.

• Be able to relocate immediately to Valencia, Spain. Fluent in English.
• Degree or Ph.D in Telecommunications or Electronic Engineering.
• Familiarity with SDR programming (GNURadio or LabView).
• Interest in networking and managing IP networks.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: Send your CV and Recommendation Letter BEFORE NOVEMBER 7th to:

More info: 5G-Xcast_OpenPosition_Radio

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