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Ephoox is a spin-off company from the Photonics Research Laboratory at iTEAM. Its mission is to provide innovative solutions based on Microwave Photonics technology for 5G telecommunications as well as for other emerging application fields, including avionics, autonomous driving and the Internet Of Things. Its vision is to become a world-leading company in developing and providing solutions based on last generation Microwave Photonics technologies. Ephoox develops the only available broadband Optical vector Network Analyzer overlay equipment compatible with most of the existing RF Vector Network analyzers.

CalSens SL offers processes and structures monitoring services, advice in the safety evaluation and decision making services to guarantee a proper working.

CalSens is a spin-off company of the Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, originated in the Photonics Research LabsIt is born from the union of professionals from telecommunications and civil engineering who have been working together from 2004 in photonic technology research projects applied to processes and structures monitoring.

Currently Calsens counts on a multidisciplinary team with broad experience in R&D and technology transfer in civil engineering, photonic technologies, signal processing, materials engineering or computation.

Our services are based on constant research and innovation, creating thus products at the knowledge borderline.

Aurora Software and testing, S.L. is a Small-Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), located at Valencia (Spain). The company is a spin-off enterprise of the two universities present in the city of Valencia: Universitat de Valncia. Estudi General and Universidad Politcnica de Valencia. Its main business is devoted to the Space industry, and, in particular, to: 
- The development of CAD software tools for the analysis, synthesis and design of high-frequency components. 
- The development of CAD software tools for the analysis and/or prediction of Multipactor, Corona Discharge and Passive Intermodulation (PIM). 
- The design of microwave components for the satellite industry with special excellence in high power devices. 
- The experimental verification of non-linear effects (Multipactor, Corona Discharge and PIM) for high-power applications in Satellite Communications.

VLC Photonics is a spin-off company from the Photonics Research Labs of the iTEAM. Its main activity is focused on the design and characterization of photonic integrated circuits for multiple applications (telecommunications, microwave photonics, fiber sensing, biophotonics, aerospace, quantum optics, etc.). As a fabless company, the manufacturing of any optical chip is externalized to its foundry partners in multiple technologies (silicon, dielectrics like silica/PLC or TripleX, and III-V materials like InP or GaAs).

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