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Abad García, Alicia María Researchers Mobile Communications Group (MCG)
Abdelaiz Azzouzi, Soufiane Ph.D. Students Microwave Applications Group (GAM)
Aguilera, Emanuel Technical Staff Not belong to any particular group
Albiol, Alberto Associate Professor Signal Processing Group (GTS)
Albiol Colomer, Antonio Professor Signal Processing Group (GTS)
Alemany, Rubén Researchers Photonics Research Labs (PRL)
Alepuz Benaches, Irene Researchers Mobile Communications Group (MCG)
Almenar Terré, Vicenç Associate Professor Digital Systems Integration Group (GISED)
Andreu Estellés, Carlos Ph.D. Students Mobile Communications Group (MCG)
Angarita Preciado, Fabián Post-Doc Researchers Digital Systems Integration Group (GISED)
Antonino Daviu, Eva Associate Professor Electromagnetic Radiation Group (GRE)
Antoñanzas Manuel, Christian Ph.D. Students Audio and Communications Signal Processing Group (GTAC)
Arce Vila, Pau Post-Doc Researchers Multimedia Communications Group (COMM)
Bachiller Martín, Carmen Associate Professor Microwave Applications Group (GAM)
Baquero Escudero, Mariano Professor Electromagnetic Radiation Group (GRE)
Barbi, Martina Ph.D. Students Mobile Communications Group (MCG)
Barjau, Carlos Researchers Mobile Communications Group (MCG)
Barrera Vilar, David Post-Doc Researchers Photonics Research Labs (PRL)
Bayarri Beltrán , Maria Researchers Microwave Applications Group (GAM)
Belda Ortega, Román Post-Doc Researchers Multimedia Communications Group (COMM)
Showing 1 - 20 of 148
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