The Ministry grants to ITeAM the Network of Excellence ARCO 5G

The ARCO5G Project
(Avances de Redes de COmunicaciones de 5ªGeneración) is a network led by the
MCG of the ITeAM, and it is composed of another nine research Spanish groups
that work on key aspects for the development of the next generation of mobile
communications network. Besides the ITeAM, the rest of the groups that belongs
to the networks are Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, Carlos
III University from Madrid, Islas Baleares University, Malaga University, Miguel
Hernández University from Elche, Zaragoza University, Polytechnic University
from Cataluña, Polytechnic University from Cartagena and Polytechnic University
from Madrid.

The main
motivation of this network is to increase the cooperation between groups and
research centres with the objective of identify and add capacities, to develop
collaborations, to synchronize the research strategy and to increase success opportunities
in the achievement of international projects. In addition, it is expected to strengthen
the visibility of these researches in the industrial sector, which will help to
the development of new business sectors in Spanish market.

network will carry out its activities in an open way to the participation to
any group, company or Spanish entity interested in collaborate with the
network. These activities will focus on objectives like improvement of mutual
knowledge and synchronization of interests, training of young researchers and
technologists in mobile communications, increase the opportunities in the
achievement of European projects under H2020 framework programme and provide
new contacts for technology transfer to Spanish companies, which will launch
the participation between industry and universities.   

expects to produce results in scientific and technological fields, which will have
arisen from the sum of capacities of the own network. This research groups
association should be used for increase the opportunities and maximize the
returns that Spain receives from the European Union. Moreover, the contact
industry-academia will allow the companies identify the capacities that will be
useful to tackle its technological challenges.

ARCO5G will be a forum for new technology-based companies. These companies will
find properly trained human resources to incorporate to their R&D departments,
which will improve their competitiveness and mid and long term strategy.

activities in ARCO5G excellence network will also include young researchers
training. Thanks to the exchange of knowledge between participants and training
courses proposed by ARCO5G, an important number of doctors and PhD will
increase contacts and scientific capacities.

The Excellenve Network ARCO5G is funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, within the dynamic actions “Networking Excellence” of the National Programme for Fostering Excellence in Scientific and Technical Research.