5G research will lead to more developed 6G technology

i2CAT Foundation was honoured by the presence of the Vice Director of Research of iTEAM Research Institute, David Gómez-Barquero, to talk about the deployment of 5G technology and the race for 6G.

“As of today, although 5G technology is partially deployed at a commercial level, there is still a lot of work to be done in the field of research, since it is evolving and every year and a half there is a new update with advanced functionalities. The main problem are the mobile devices that do not support these functionalities (indoor positioning, synchronization…)”, explains Professor Gómez-Barquero.

In addition, it also highlights that it is essential to identify this challenge in order to be clear about the limitations and needs for the future 6G technology race.

You can listen to David Gómez-Barquero’s professional reflection on the subject in this video: