IMAGINE-B5G brings immersiveness to EuCNC2024

On the week of 3rd of June, the worldwide EuCNC2024 & 6G Summit congress took place. For four days, the congress held multiple keynotes, panels, workshops, posters, and more, including booths, regarding all aspects of telecommunications ranging from 5G deployment and mobile IoT to 6G exploration and future communications systems and networks, including experimentation and testbeds, and applications and services. At the congress, several industries, business and research progress came together to present and discuss cutting-edge technology, results and future steps. Within the congress, the IMAGINE-B5G project which is part of the Mobile Communications Group led by David Gómez-Barquero from the iTEAM at UPV, had a booth with posters presenting the overall objective of the project, available facilities and their capabilities, current open-calls and their results and future work. Additionally, two live immersive demonstrations were made available to the congress attendees at the booth to exhibit the Spanish facility capabilities.

5G radio site remote troubleshooting with Photogrammetry-based AR

The first demo consisted of an augmented reality application running on a Meta Quest 3 head-mounted display. The user wearing the device was presented with a high-fidelity scenario based on real photogrammetry, captured at a radio site belonging to UPV’s private 5G network. The surrounding high-quality imaging gives the user the sensation of being present at the location, effectively performing teleportation. On top of the captured scenario, virtual dashboards were presented representing the real-time uplink and downlink bitrate of the antenna seen on the radio site. Additionally, the user was able to press two virtual buttons that started iperf tests which effect could be seen on the bitrate dashboards.

Holographic & Telepresence real-time remote tour to UPV´s Immersive Laboratory

The second demo consisted of immersive application running on a Meta Quest Pro head-mounted display. The user wearing the device was able to visit the immersive lab facilities at UPV from the EuCNC congress. In this application, the immersive lab was modeled virtually, and the user could move all around the lab and learn about the available equipment. In an innovative twist from AR applications, this virtual environment was augmented with real video feeds and 3D models: two real-time camera feeds showing the facilities of the lab were inserted the virtual environment so users could better understand the facilities; and a real-time realistic 3D model of a person inside a volumetric capture studio, effectively teleporting a subject at UPV into the virtual environment seen at the congress.