Applications of biomedicine


We collaborate with the Clinical Area of Medical Image of the Hospital Universitario and Politécnico La Fe (GIBI230) in the processing and analysis of medical images. Providing a long experience in the theory and application of Statistical Signal Processing techniques, automatic detection and classification algorithms, multimodal signal processing, data mining for the extraction of relevant information, detection of novelty, fusion of decisions, higher-order spectral based algorithms for the detection of nonlinearities and mathematical morphology algorithms applied to image processing. Currently, the main interest is extracting image biomarkers for the quantification of changes associated with the disease. As well as using the available tools to adapt the huge amount of information available in the image environment (DICOM, PACS, RIS) to the effective and real-time control of all quality aspects relevant to service excellence such as: radiation dose, number of procedures per process, temporary adjustment of demand, analysis of large consumers, costs, technological evaluation, etc.

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Signal Processing Group (GTS)

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