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Call for papers

WAVES journal has become a showcase to communicate the research carried out at iTEAM over the past twelve months. Since its first issue, the journal has tried to keep high quality standards as those of the most important scientific journals in the field of telecommunication engineering. In this sense, the language used in most of the sections is English, the submitted manuscripts must be original and follow a given template.

In recent editions, WAVES journal has incorporated content related to summaries of PhD theses and to the activity of research groups, as an annual report of results. Moreover, since last year, we believe it is appropriate to try to reach a wider audience, including popular science articles written in Spanish or English.

Every iTEAM research group is invited to contribute to the next issue of WAVES through the following non-excluding modalities:

  • Research paper whose content should preferably consist in 50% of tutorial content in the field and 50% of original group research (language: English).
  • Annual activity report describing the research activities of the group during the past twelve months together with their most relevant results (language: English).
  • Summary of PhD theses read between 1/September/2021 and 31/July/2022 (language: English).
  • Popular science papers about a general scientific topic, as a short tutorial (language: Spanish or English).

The templates for each type of contribution are available online at:

Research paper template.

Annual activity report template.

Summary of PhD theses template.

Popular science papers template.

– Submission of research papers

Submission of the annual activity report

– Summary of PhD theses                                    

September 15, 2022
Summary of popular scientific papers September 30, 2022


You are also encouraged to submit proposals for the cover image. You can send high quality original images related to the magazine’s theme.

Send your contributions to both editors:


Editor in-chief: Pau Arce

Editorial Board: Eva Antonino, Narcis Cardona, José Javier López, David Gómez

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