TWO job positions offered to work in the National project: "Next generation of Passive Acoustic Monitoring systems for sustainable use of the marine environment: fiber-optic hydrophones and deep learning (NextPAM)"


The two persons will join our interdisciplinary team composed by members of the Photonic Research Labs (PRL) and the Signal Processing Group (GTS). The main objective of the NextPAM is to develop Fiber Optic Hydrophone (FOH) sensor system and its specific machine learning and signal processing algorithms. The final goals to design smaller, lighter and better Fiber Optic Hydrophones for Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) applications. This technology will have many benefits over conventional hydrophones such as the possibility of designing compact arrays of hydrophones.

Signal processing and machine learning researcher for the acquisition and processing of signals obtained with a Fibre Optic Hydrophone (FOH) sensor.

Optical Fiber researcher for the fabrication of Fiber Optic Hydrophone (FOH) sensors for Passive Acoustic Monitoring.

If you are interested contact with Ramón Miralles ( or Salvador Sales Maicas ( with a short curriculum vitae. We will answer giving details on the procedure to apply for the positions.

Starting date: March 2023

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