The MINECO funds the project DEFINE-5G

DEFINE-5G project consists of two subprojects, one led by UPV and another led by UPC, as a consequence of a close relationship during the last years.
DEFINE-5G focuses on wireless systems where different layers of cellular networks coexist with multi-hop communications. This new paradigm of communications results in an ultra-dense availability of nodes (a ubiquitous network) in which novel cell structures appear. Nodes might cooperate in the transmission/reception of data either in a centralized or a distributed way. Given this, the objective of the project is to investigate and optimize new network architectures towards the upcoming 5G standards and design feasible and realistic distributed cooperative MIMO schemes adapted to this new model of communications.
The benefits of this project will be mainly for the improvement of the quality and ubiquity of mobile data services provided by the future 5G standards. The natural sinks of the results are mobile technology vendors and network operators, as well as other smaller companies providing solutions for the efficient and cost efficient deployment of RANs. Standardisation bodies are also expected to be receptors of the results, mainly the 3GPP.