A new proposal for wireless communication between vehicles with 5G technology is presented at the MWC 2016

The main goal of the proposal from the Instituto de Telecomunicaciones y Aplicaciones Multimedia (iTEAM) is to guarantee the optimum operation of each vehicle communication equipment and its interconnection in a 5G technology use scenario, and thereby contribute to reduce the number of traffic crashes and to increase the levels of road safety.
This proposal is part of METIS-II project funded by the EU through the H2020 programme. Researchers from ITEAM presented their work in the Mobile World Congress at the European Commission Stand.
From their laboratories located at the Polytechnic City of Innovation, at the UPV, the ITEAM team has worked on a new configuration of the transmission controllable by software. “Its main novelty is that it allows a dynamic adjustment of the wave forms for vehicles to communicate with each other, overcoming the difficulties of not having a fixed station for the communication”, says José F. Monserrat, lecturer and researcher form the ITEAM.
Regarding hardware, the system presented in Barcelona includes three programmable cards, equipped each one with a high performance FPGA where four antennas and different wave forms are integrated. Thanks to the dynamism of the use of wave forms, these cards integrated in a vehicle would permit the direct transmission between vehicles in a cellular transmission context. This way, the integration of vehicles communications in standard mobile communications systems is enabled. 
In order to show its benefits, researchers from ITEAM have developed a virtual environment that reproduces the streets from Madrid, where it is showed how the proposed system would guarantee the communication between vehicles. That is a dynamic 3D simulation unique in 5G context.