iTEAM is present at 19th NTV awards

The student Enrique Miralles and his directors, Prof. Marta Cabedo and the PhD student Carlos Andreu from iTEAM, have achieved the best TFM 2017 award. The jury decided to grant their research work for the innovative nature and the future social benefits in the telecommunication field. In this manner, this award also recognizes Enrique’s academic career.

Enhancing current body area networks

Next generation of wireless medical devices aim at improving the healthcare and wellbeing qualitatively. Data rate of current wireless medical devices is far from the performance of other telecommunication systems today in force. Hence, next generation of these devices needs a qualitative leap forward. In this manner, new relevant medical applications could appear such as remote drug delivery along the gastrointestinal tract and in-body localization.

The Electromagnetic Radiation Group (GRE) and the Mobile Communications Group (MCG), both from iTEAM, are collaborating to design new in-body and on-body antenna candidates for future wireless body area networks. The gained experience in this field by both groups is allowing the considerations of new complex paradigms. The winning work entitled Estudio, diseño y optimización de antena UWB para comunicaciones intracorporales arises from the collaboration of GRE and MCG. This research study is focused on assessing new Ultra wideband (UWB) on-body slotted patch antenna models for in-body communications. Even though the complex on-body receiver designed by Enrique and manufactured at iTEAM facilities has been a breakthrough within this field, this research is the starting point of many future working lines. In fact, relevant international projects as WiBEC network profits from this TFM.

Recently, the most relevant results of Enrique’s work have been showed and published in the 11th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP) 2017 which took place in Paris from March 19th to 24th.