Final Conference WIBEC

The IIS La Fe and the UPV present advances in wireless technology applied to the diagnosis of digestive and cardiac pathologies

WiBEC (Wireless In-Body Environment) is a Horizon 2020 Innovative Training Network within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions. The aim of the network has been to train a new generation of young creative and innovative researchers, capable of transforming knowledge and ideas in products and services for the wellbeing of the society and healthcare in the European Union. In these three years, WIBEC early stage researchers have focused their efforts in the development of deep implantable, ultra-low power multi-sensor and actuator networks. The Final Conference of WIBEC has shown the outcomes of these years of work to the Scientific Community and general public. For this event, renowned international scientist from medical and engineering fields like Cesare Hassan, José Luis Rojo-Álvarez, Oscar Cano and Gastone Ciuti, gave keynote presentations on the present and future of biomedical engineering. The conference was closed with a keynote from Prof. Narcis Cardona on 5G technology and mobile health.