The Tender Announcements for the projects of the UNICO 5G program that will host the iTEAM MGC have been published

The Ministry of Finance and Public Function has published in the Public Sector Contracting Platform the Tender Announcements for the financing of the projects Advancing 5G for Immersive Holographic, Telepresence and Haptics Communications towards 6G and Real-time digital twin applications using the technologies of advanced 5G and 6G for industrial and logistics environments, both framed within the UNICO 5G programs. The objective of the call is to promote research and development of new technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of telecommunications services and Advanced 5G in the country.
The contest is aimed at companies, universities and research centers with experience in the telecommunications sector and the sum of the economic endowment of the published Tenders is 3,948,000 €. The projects that are presented must be focused on areas such as connectivity, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things, among others.

The call will allow companies in the sector to benefit from the UNICO 5G program for research and experimental development of the technologies named before. In addition, this project will promote both iTEAM and the UPV, as well as the rest of the collaborating entities, as cutting edge organizations of Spain and Europe in the investigation of immersive technologies and the 5G network.