Outstanding Triumph at IMS 2023!

iTEAM Students Win the International Antenna Competition (SDC9 – mmWave 3D-printed Antenna Design)

The Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) is pleased to announce that a team of students, including Álvaro Villaescusa, an iTEAM researcher, has achieved a remarkable triumph in the IMS 2023 Antenna Competition, held in the city of San Diego. In this highly competitive event, young researchers showcased their talent and skills in designing and manufacturing antennas in the millimeter wave band using 3D printing techniques.

The team demonstrated excellence in designing and manufacturing a linearly polarized millimeter wave antenna with maximum gain in the 26.5 to 30.5 GHz range. The competition, named “SDC9 – mmWave 3D-printed Antenna Design,” evaluated the performance of the designs based on impedance matching and antenna gain.

The team’s victory in this prestigious international competition is a clear testament to their dedication, talent, and expertise in millimeter wave antenna technologies. The quality and originality of their design stood out among participants from different institutions and universities worldwide.

Dr. Narcís Cardona, Director of iTEAM, expressed his enthusiasm for the team’s achievement and highlighted the significance of this international recognition. “We congratulate our students for their outstanding performance in IMS 2023. This victory showcases the level of excellence and research leadership that iTEAM represents in the field of communications and wireless technologies.”

The winning team has received recognition from their peers and professors, as well as applause from the entire academic community at iTEAM. Their dedication and passion for research in the field of antennas exemplify the commitment of our students and the quality of their academic training.

From iTEAM, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winning team for their outstanding achievement in the IMS 2023 Antenna Competition. We continue to foster the spirit of innovation and academic excellence in our research areas and are proud to have such talented and committed students.

Congratulations to the entire team on this impressive success!