Photonics Laboratory


The Photonics Laboratory has the last generation infrastructure for characterization of passive and active optical components, photonic integrated circuits and electro-optical devices. Thanks to its advanced facilities, experimental implementation and testing of optical communication systems, as well as, fabrication and characterization of sensors and filters over optical fibre can be carried out.

• Fiber optic characterization (attenuation, chromatic dispersion, polarization dispersion…)
• Characterization of passive and active optical devices (optical modulators, optical amplifiers, filters…).
• Verification of optical networks and fibre links.
• Fabrication and characterization of optical filters.
• Fabrication and characterization of optical sensors for building monitoring, temperature and characterization of materials.
• Design and characterization of photonic integrated circuits.
• Performing of fusion splicing for different types of optical fibres. 
• Testing of optical fibre links and electrical systems in terms of Bit Error Ratio up to 43.2 Gbps. 
Technical Staff: José Mora

Research Groups

Photonics Research Labs (PRL)