The SAMARUC system is a complete passive acoustic monitoring solution (hardware and software) designed by the researchers of the iTEAM-UPV research institute. It can be used for the study of anthropogenic noise and marine life. The SAMARUC hardware device is built with an ultra-low power consumption chip that enables creating compact and light devices with a battery life that lasts several months. The SAMARUC recorder is capable of recording 2 channels at a sampling rate up to 96 kHz and it can be equipped with up to 2 TBytes of memory. The system it is fully calibrated and can be used for measuring noise as indicated in the EU MSFD as well as to register the sounds produced by many different marine animals.

The SAMARUC software is composed of a set of algorithms allowing automatic detection and classification of cetaceans and anthropogenic noises. The software also creates graphical representations of very long temporal series providing a powerful tool for the analysis of 1/3 octave ambient noise indicators as well as for elaborating studies of animal population, animal behavior, migration routes, etc.

Research Groups

Signal Processing Group (GTS)