Underwater Acoustics Laboratory


The Underwater Acoustics Laboratory in the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Application (iTEAM) has all the equipment for the acquisition and processing of underwater signals. The iTEAM researchers design and build their own passive acoustic recording device named SAMARUC. This gives the flexibility so that the system can be adapted to work under a large number of different conditions and for many different applications. Using our own technology allow us to continuously improve in the pursuit for new and better sensors. The SAMARUC system has been used since 2013 for the acoustic monitoring in different regions of the Mediterranean sea: the Cabrera Archipelago maritime national park, the San Antonio Cape and the Columbretes Islands are some of the main deployment sites. The research group elaborates reports and publish works about bioacoustics and cetacean detection in the most important indexed journals combining both biology and computing science.
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Research Groups

Signal Processing Group (GTS)