• Networking Equipment

    COMM maintains a cooperation agreement with Juniper Networks through which the company donates equipment and Software Development Kits to the ...
  • Sensors and Microcontrollers

    Domotic sensors (humidity, temperature, motion, etc) and Open development platforms (Arduino, Netduino, Raspberry) for home automation applications, and biometric sensors ...
  • Etching system

    Etching system composed by etching machine, laminating and exposure unit for performing electronic circuits
  • Instrumentation

    • Logic Analizer TLA 715•Pattern Generator TLA 700•Digital Oscoloscope TDS 7154B•Vectorial Signal Generator R&S SMIQ 04B y AMIQ 4•Signal Analizer ...
  • FPGA prototyping boards

    •Virtex-6 FPGA ML605 Evaluation Kit•Maxim The High Speed Data Converter Evaluation Platform (HSDCEP)•Evaluation Kit for the MAX19693•Evaluation Kit for the ...
  • Software

    •Xilinx Vivado/ISE Design Suite•System Generator for DSP•Mentor Precision•Mentor Modelsim/Questasim•Synopsys Symplify•Mathworks Matlab

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