Techonological Development of High Frecuency Passive Circuits


The group has proven experience in the technological development of passive circuit (filters, diplexers and multiplexers, distribution networks) used in high frecuency communication systems (with special emphasis on space applications) using all availables technologies: waveguides, coaxial, metallic cavities with arbitrary 3D geometry and dielectric resonators, as well as planar and hybrid (SIW, ESIW and ESICL) circuits. This R&D line involves all the necessary stages for the technological development of the above components, i.e.analysis, synthesis and optimized design, prototyping and experimental validation. Both sustractive (milling and spark-erosion) and additive (3D-printing with metals and dielectrics) manufacturing techniques are used and investigated.

Research Groups

Microwave Applications Group (GAM)

Research Areas

Antennas, Microwaves and Propagation