Advanced Urban Delivery and Refuse Recovery (AUDERE)


2020 - 2021


AUDERE aims to design and develop an intelligent and innovative system for urban refuse collection y and last-mile delivery logistics. To fulfil this objective, a fleet of autonomous vehicles (autonomous mobile robots) are equipped with 5G connectivity to carry out last-mile delivery and urban waste container recovery tasks.
The AUDERE system will assess the technical, economic, social, and environmental viability in a range of use cases. Therefore, AUDERE will offer high-tech solutions to the growing forward and reverse logistics needs in our cities. Trials will be performed in two scenarios. The first one is the VLC-CAMPUS-5G of the Universitat Politècnica de València, which is equipped with the infrastructure of a private 5G mobile network that allows the validation of different use cases, such as logistics, automotive, industry, media, among others. In addition, among the main advantages of VLC-CAMPUS- 5G we can mention that it is a closed and controlled environment, which could be considered as a small city due to its infrastructure, commercial and sport places, banks, parks and where more than 20,000 people move daily. The second scenario is the La Pinada District, which is an eco-district, the first in Spain, that will integrate the principles of sustainable urban development, creating an attractive environment for family living, work, and enjoyment of nature. The results of this project will define new technological products that can be deployed in Smart Cities or Smart Quarters.

Principal investigator

  Narcis Cardona Marcet