Applications and Fundamentals of Microresonator Frequency Combs (MICROCOMB) (MSCA-ITN-2018-ETN)


European Funding - European Commission


2019 - 2022

Principal investigator

  Pascual Muñoz Muñoz

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IP: Pascual Muñoz Muñoz. MICROCOMB is a collaborative research and training network, gathering together 17 European universities, research centers and industrial partners with complementary expertise on microresonator technology and the observation and exploitation of the microresonator frequency combs.  Microcombs are emerging as a disruptive technology for realizing precision metrology, frequency and waveform synthesis and optical processing of information on a chip-scale platform. A typical microcomb setting is a microring resonator evanescently coupled with a waveguide mode, which is pumped by a continuous wave laser by means of a non-linear process like four-wave mixing (Kerr nonlinearity). Applications of microcombs for processing information with terabit rates, take advantage of the smaller resonator length and therefore being compatible with higher data transmission rates and also of the broad spectral coverage extending over C, L and U optical transmission bands. Other applications are: astronomical research, molecular spectroscopy, arbitrary wave form generators and RF and THz signal processing and generation. Website:

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