Disruptive Photonics Technologies for 2030


2021 - 2024


With this proposal we seek the support to further develop and consolidate a set of disruptive photonic technologies in which the Photonics Research labs (PRL) has produced pioneering and world-class results and which are called to play a starring role in enabling future emerging applications in communications, sensing, biomedicine, security, industry 4.0, food and agriculture, computing, transportation. These share common needs in flexibility, broadband operation, low power consumption and miniaturized footprint. The project aims to 1) further develop core knowledge in: a) programmable integrated photonics, b) Specialty SDM fibers exploiting spatial multiplexing for signal processing and sensing, c) Hybrid optical wireless-millimeter wave access networks and d) Hybrid active/passive photonic integration, 3) Train a new generation of researchers specialized in them and 3) Provide the basis for future transfer of these technologies to the industrial sector..
Proyecto PROMETEO/2021/015 del programa PROMETEO para grupos de investigación de excelencia financiado por la Conselleria d’educació, investigació, cultura i esport


Generalitat Valenciana

Principal investigator

  José Capmany Francoy

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Photonics Research Labs (PRL)