Integrated Spectroscopic Sensor fabricated in a novel Si3N4 platform




  Gloria Micó Cabanes


  Daniel Pastor Abellán
  Pascual Muñoz Muñoz


This thesis is focused on the model, design and experimental demonstration of an integrated spectroscopic sensor based on a modified Arrayed Waveguide Grating (AWG). The device has been designed and fabricated in a new silicon nitride (Si3N4) on silicon oxide (SiO2) platform developed in Spain. The work performed for this thesis can be then divided into two main sections.

In the first part, an overview of the existing Si3N4 platforms and their state of art is described, alongside the report on the fabrication and characterization of our 300 nm guiding film height Si3N4 platform. On the second part, the device named Integrated Optical Spectroscopic Sensor (IOSS) is presented. The IOSS consists of an AWG which arrayed waveguides are divided into two sub-sets engineered to replicate the AWG channels. The waveguides of one of the sub-sets contain sensing windows, defined as waveguides sections which core is in contact with the surrounding media. Thus, the sensing is performed through evanescent field interaction with the sample deposited. The waveguides from the second sub-set remain isolated. Therefore, the device provides both sensing and reference spectra. The IOSS mathematical model, design procedure and proof of concept configured for absorption spectroscopy are reported in this thesis.