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Message from the Director

1. Detection of events by means of plane wave decomposition analysis and cross-correlation technniques using a circular array of microphones

2. Extensions of Independent Component Analysis Mixture Models for classification and prediction of EEG signals

3. Basic silicon photonic building blocks for commercial applications

4. Efficient BI-RME Method Implementation For The Full-Wave Analysis Of Passive Devices Based On Circular Waveguides With Arbitrary Perturbations

5. Realistic Implementation of X2-based Interference Management for LTE Femtocells

6. Parallel Implementation Strategies for MIMO ID-BICM Systems

7. A power consumption monitoring, displaying and evaluation system for home devices

8. Super-structured Fiber Bragg Gratings with improved features for Coherent Direct Sequence OCDMA

9. High efficiency wireless video networks for next generation of ENG services

10. SAMARUC a programmable system for passive acoustic monitoring of cetaceans