RASPIR – Innpacto 2012

The Mobile Communications Group (MCG) participates, together with
Sistelbanda S.A. and Ngaro Intelligent Solutions S.L. in the RASPIR project, funded
by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain.

The RASPIR project
is being developed by a consortium made up of two enterprises (Sistelbanda S.A.
and Ngaro Intellingent Solutions S.L.) and the Mobile communications Group from
the iTEAM. This project consists on the design, implementation and testing of a
fast deployment system of security perimeters based on detection units that
integrate smart infrared technology and self-configured radio communications.

The elements
developed within this project are the detection units, which combine both the
smart detection features from infrared video signals as radio communication
capacities between the perimetral elements and with external command centers. Moreover,
they act as fully autonomous elements, allowing the rapid and automatic
deployment of the security system. For this purpose, both the infrared
detection elements as communication elements shall be configured automatically,
they shall autonomously establish the communications network between them and they
may operate in several operation modes. Since RASPIR aims an automatic
deployment, it is required to design mechanisms of auto-run,
auto-configuration, auto-optimization and auto-repairing of every component
once the equipment is in the desired location. Therefore, the objective is to
obtain a totally autonomous system that requires a minimum action by the

This new
compact, flexible and self-organized architecture will allow overcoming the
current system limitations, which are the high cost and the high dependence of
the implementation and deployment process.

The final
result of this project will be an innovative commercial product entirely
produced in Spain. It will apply in security and emergency scopes and, in
general, in any scenario in which automatic detection functionality is
important and it does not exist the necessary infrastructure or it has been rendered
useless. Some examples os applications scenarios are: surveillance in
Circumstantial risk areas, tactical surveillance in special operations,
security and protection of occasional official events, surveillance of military
bases in outdoor operations, security perimeters and communications in disaster
areas, etc.

funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the European Regional
Development Fund (FEDER), under the strategic action of defense and security
from INNPACTO 2012 Subprogramme inside the Public-Private Cooperation National