First experimental demonstration of dispersion-diversity multicore fiber optical beamforming

A joint work from APL and PRL groups about dispersion-diversity multicore fiber optical beamforming has been published in Optics Express journal.

Phased array antenna (PAA) beam-steering in high radiofrequency bands will be key for upcoming 5G & Beyond wireless communications systems. As a compact and efficient solution to provide tunable beam steering simultaneously to parallel antenna distribution and connectivity, researchers from APL and PRL groups experimentally demonstrate, for the first time to their knowledge, tunable optical beamforming implemented on a dispersion-diversity multicore optical fiber.

Experiment setup

Next-generation fiber-wireless communications systems will benefit from the demonstrated dispersion-diversity MCF optical beamforming in terms of flexibility, versatility, capacity, and connectivity along with reduced size, weight, and power consumption.

All in all, dispersion-diversity MCFs open the door towards the implementation of compact and versatile fiber-distributed signal processing, where both distribution and processing functionalities are provided within the same fiber medium. Other RF and optical signal processing functionalities, such as tunable microwave signal filtering, arbitrary waveform generation as well as time differentiators or integrators, can also be implemented by this approach.

View the full publication here.

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