Soundcool: 10 Years Boosting Creativity

Soundcool, an initiative that emerged from ITEAM, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. This year we are celebrating this milestone with the performance of the opera-performance “Felicità y la Jauría”, a project that uses Soundcool to combat bullying and harassment at school.

The Soundcool platform is made up of modules or pieces that interconnect with each other, allowing users to create audiovisual projects in real time. These modules can be controlled intuitively using mobile phones or tablets, both in person and online, enabling remote collaboration without limitations.

Soundcool has been used in a wide range of projects, from musical performances to educational and therapeutic events. One notable example is the creation of a collective symphony in which more than 100 people of different ages and backgrounds participated, each using Soundcool to contribute their own melody.

The Soundcool team is constantly developing, working to improve the platform and expand its possibilities. It is expected that in the future Soundcool will be integrated into new fields such as virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence, opening up an even wider world of possibilities for collaborative creation.

Link for more information: Soundcool.