One6G interviewed Narcís Cardona at the Mobile World Congress

One6G interviewed our director, Narcís Cardona, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Narcís, as the Vice-president of the One6G Association, emphasized the importance of integrating artificial intelligence and sensing into the 6G networks during the interview:

 “These days, networks are becoming more sophisticated, are growing a lot, and are integrating a lot of different devices and scenarios. This means that the network, at the very end, has to be capable of managing all of them. The network has to become more intelligent, so it is obvious that artificial intelligence has to be there to help. Secondly, the network needs to be perceptive. The perception of the environment of every position, where a terminal could be or where an element needs connectivity, is essential. Sensing and artificial intelligence are two of the key things that we have to develop in 6G”. 

He also highlighted the growth and evolution of hundreds of new enterprises and the new ideas from the younger generation present in the 4YFN pavilion, which can be key pieces for future innovation.

More information: One6G.