Narcís Cardona participates in the fourth edition of El Confidencial’s 5G Forum “5G in Motion: Business Opportunities in the Age of Connectivity”

On June 4th, the fourth edition of El Confidencial’s 5G Forum was held under the title “5G in Motion: Business Opportunities in the Age of Connectivity,” sponsored by Abertis and in collaboration with Cellnex, Grupo Oesía, Vantage Towers, and Vodafone.

In this fourth edition, the event focused on the importance of deploying new technologies, such as 5G, to promote more effective and sustainable mobility and connectivity, as well as the business opportunities it presents for companies.

Narcís Cardona, director of iTEAM, participated in the panel discussion, sharing his insights on advancements in 5G connectivity and its application in private enterprise networks. Private 5G networks, managed by specialized providers, offer advantages in terms of security and customization compared to public networks. Cybersecurity is a priority in managing these networks, with advanced protocols in place to protect information. Implementing private 5G networks requires some investment and overcoming technical challenges, but the long-term benefits in terms of efficiency and competitiveness are substantial.

Additionally, Narcís Cardona emphasized that “we are at the second opportunity for 5G, with network infrastructure deployed and with the help of UNICO programs that finance the network’s reach to small populations. We already have all the network elements in place, and now is the time for new applications in automotive, industry, and the Internet of Things to start emerging.”

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