Jorge Sastre is undertaking a Fulbright residency at New York University focused on studying cognitive stimulation therapies for Alzheimer’s disease

  •  NYU Collaborative Art & Music Workshop for Alzheimer Part 16: Remote video creation.

Jorge Sastre, a member of the Signal Processing Group (GTS) at iTEAM, is currently undertaking a Fulbright residency at New York University, focused on the study of cognitive stimulation therapies for Alzheimer’s and other neurocognitive diseases. These therapies are based on engaging in creative activities using the innovative Soundcool system.

During the first workshop, Jorge introduced Soundcool and presented one of the therapies, which involves participants creating live video performances for a remote concert from their own centers. The demonstration included the remote connection of tablets with the Soundcool app to a computer at New York University, allowing therapists and researchers to create these video performances in real-time.

Therapists from AFA Valencia and ASPAYM Cuenca participated in the workshop, with the support of DiverS+S Innovación, and Sara Masters from the Gesher Project (Pittsburgh). The event also featured collaborations with Roger Dannenberg from Carnegie Mellon University and Stefano Scarani from UPV. The performers included professors Shu-Wei Tseng and Jakub Polakzyk from the New York Conservatory, and Gisela Justicia Wenger from Avenues School New York.

More information at: Soundcool.