2020 - 2030


Co-IPs: Pascual Muñoz Muñoz / Daniel Pastor Abellán:

Integrated photonics has experienced exponential growth in the last 10 years, thanks to the research, development and commercial exploitation of generic technologies, which allow complex photonic systems into a single micro-chip. These technologies cover different parts of the spectrum, depending on the properties of the materials used in manufacturing, for different applications, in the visible (VIS), near (NIR) and mid infrared (MIR) wavelength ranges. However, there is no broadband technology platform, that allows light guiding over VIS, NIR and MIR. Even if it existed, the problem of hybridization with other active technologies, to enable the incorporation of sources and light detectors, would not be solved either. Together with the two previous aspects, the increasing complexity of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) requires advanced characterization methods, beyond those traditionally used. This proposal aims at researching and developing technologies, manufacturing and design processes, alongside the associated characterization methods, to address these three challenges: i) a passive photonic integration platform covering VIS, NIR and MIR, ii) advanced characterization methods and iii) micro-fabrication processes for hybridization with active technologies. The proposal is built upon the group’s track on research, development and technology transfer in the field, and is supported by related public and private sector agents, which are interested in the results of the project. The group holds also a track on training of highly specialized human resources and transfer to the photonics industry in general, and integrated photonics in particular



Agencia Estatal de Investigación

Principal investigator