Tech. Transfer

Aurora Software and testing, S.L


Aurora Software and testing, S.L. is a Small-Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), located at Valencia (Spain). The company is a spin-off enterprise of the two universities present in the city of Valencia: Universitat de València. Estudi General and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Its main business is devoted to the Space industry, and, in particular, to:

  • The development of CAD software tools for the analysis, synthesis and design of high-frequency components.
  • The development of CAD software tools for the analysis and/or prediction of Multipactor, Corona Discharge and Passive
  • Intermodulation (PIM).

  • The design of microwave components for the satellite industry with special excellence in high power devices.
  • The experimental verification of non-linear effects (Multipactor, Corona Discharge and PIM) for high-power applications in Satellite Communications.