New antenna for SOTM applications successfully developed.

Researchers of Electromagnetic Radiation Group at iTEAM have recently developed a new Ka-band antenna conceived for SATCOM ON-THE-MOVE (SOTM) applications in Ka-band.
These systems are gaining relevance due to a new generation of satellites, which provides global coverage of wideband communication. SOTM applications cover signal gaps of terrestrial mobile communications, thus enabling ship and airplane communications. They also provide a decisive support in emergency situations or natural disasters. The frequency leap from Ku to Ka band,
necessary to cover bandwidth demands, has required the application of innovative waveguiding technologies and fast design techniques, on which the GRE researchers hold a vast experience.

The terminal has been developed within the framework of ARTES 5.2 ESA project LOCOMO (LOw cost and COmpact MObile Terminal), participated by TTI Norte, Thales Alenia Space,
IXBlue, VectraWave and Universitat Politècnica de València. 

Antenna subsystem has been entirely designed and manufactured in Radiation Group  facilities. The antenna is ready to operate in a cellular scenario and consists of four radiating panels, two for transmitting left-hand and right-hand circular polarization, respectively, and two more for receiving. The terminal deals with the handover through a patented switching system signed by
researchers from Thales and UPV (EP2654126A1).

The antenna is 27 cm in height, operates in Ka band (RX: 19.7-21.2 GHz. TX: 29.5-31 GHz) and complies with the stringent specifications associated to these systems.