Proyecto de Investigación

Next generation of Passive Acoustic Monitoring systems for sustainable use of the marine environment: fiber-optic hydrophones and deep learning (NextPAM)




2023 - 2024

Investigador Principal

  Ramón Miralles Ricós

Grupo de Investigación

The main objective of the NextPAM is to develop Fiber Optic Hydrophone (FOH) sensor system and its specific signal processing algorithms for Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) applications. In order to achieve the main objective, we will: (i) study and develop fibre sensors that provide enough sensitivity and bandwidth to be employed in PAM, (ii) study and develop signal processing algorithms and acquisition systems capable of dealing with and exploiting these sensors' singular characteristics: low SNR and multichannel redundancy, (iii) build prototypes of the sensors, calibrate them, and measure them in a controlled environment, (iv) test some of the prototypes in two real PAM applications: 1/3 octave SPL measurement and cetacean calls detection.

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