Researchers at the UPV involved in the publication of the international reference on the present and future of 5G technology

Researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València have participated in the publication of 5G mobile and Wireless communications Technology the most comprehensive publication to date at international level on the present and future of 5G technology. Editors are Afif Osseiran, Ericsson, Jose Francisco Monserrat, Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications UPV, and Patrick Marsch, Nokia.

The book, published by Cambridge University Press, is an indispensable tool for researchers and professionals related with mobile and wireless communications. It is written by leading experts worldwide on 5G; in total, 63 authors have participated, mainly from major international companies in the ICT sector, most of them in the METIS European project. From UPV, together with Jose Francisco Monserrat, also participates the iTEAM researcher David Martin-Sacristán.

In its 400 pages, the authors explain in detail the current state of research, applications and future opportunities that the 5G provides, “a technology that will bring the greatest revolution in the world of ICT for the last 15 years and that will intrinsically change the current paradigm in our communications”, said Jose Francisco Monserrat.

As pointed out by the researchers of the UPV, this book is intended as a guide and compendium of those technological advances that may constitute the foundations of the future standard for the implementation of the 5G. “It is the first publication that provides an overview of the 5G”, he adds.

Among other issues, the book discusses the technologies and key components of the 5G, as well as the latest developments and projects in communications over millimetric bands, radio access technologies, spectrum management, network wireless coding, and possible 5G system architectures, among others.

In addition, Jose F. Monserrat also stresses the importance of 5G for the future of different sectors such as automotive, construction or energy, among others. This technology will not only affect communication between people, but also the wireless and on the move communication among machines enabling the exchange of information directly between devices without connecting to the cellular system.

Here’s what industry experts are saying about the book:
    Gerhard Fetweiss,
Professor at Technische Universität Dresden: “So far cellular
innovation has focused on driving data rates. With 5G, in addition we
see the advent of low-latency Tactile Internet and massive IoT
generating new opportunities for society. The first comprehensive view
on 5G, based mainly on the EU METIS project, this book gives a great
insight into challenges and solutions.”
    Narcís Cardona,
Professor at Politècnica de València: “The first comprehensive text on
5G, essential to understand the enabling technologies that will make the
future hyper-connected world a reality.”

The book was officially launched last week in Kuala Lumpur; and in September there will be a second presentation in Valencia, coinciding with the symposium PIMRC 2016 (27th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications).

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