Narcís Cardona, director of iTEAM, will participate in the 5G Forum 2024

The director of iTEAM and Vice President of One6G Association anticipates that 6G mobile networks will ‘reduce the size of data to be transmitted, changing the concept of connectivity.

The 5G Forum will hold its seventh edition at the Nissan Cartuja Auditorium in Seville from May 6th to 10th in a hybrid format, with two in-person sessions on Monday, May 6th, and Tuesday, May 7th, and three virtual sessions on May 8th, 9th, and 10th.

This new edition will feature the presence of Narcís Cardona, Director of iTEAM and Vice President of One6G Association, who will explain how Artificial Intelligence will be part of many elements of the future 6G network, making it a more efficient and secure network, and how it will be progressively implemented in current commercial networks.

The 6G network will change the concept of connectivity

Just as we currently conceive roads, railways, maritime corridors, or airports, “communication networks have become a consolidated element of our civilization’s infrastructure,” says Cardona, who warns that, although somewhat delayed compared to expectations, “5G is being implemented in the industry as planned.” More and more devices are connected to each other and “the Network,” which provides much efficiency in managing society as we know it.

For the implementation of 6G, there is still time, but everything is aimed at having a “Network” that is increasingly dense and complex in which it will be “more difficult to guarantee ubiquitous connectivity and security, fast interaction and privacy, or high speed and low energy consumption,” Cardona advances, for whom one of the solutions that are being consolidated for the future generation of mobile networks is “reducing the amount of data to be transmitted between different points of the network, changing the concept of connectivity.”

Towards a network of intelligent devices

“Mobile networks must evolve towards a structure where the elements are increasingly intelligent, in the sense of making them capable of managing and making decisions about their own operation,” anticipates Narcís Cardona, who at the same time points to Artificial Intelligence as the basis of the structure that will allow “greater autonomy and effectiveness in very complex networks.”

“If this structure in which AI is present ‘natively’ in all elements of the network is consolidated, 6G will be a network that we can call intelligent, or, better yet, a network of intelligent devices,” explains the director of iTEAM.

The ‘5G Forum’ has established itself as a reference forum in the technology sector, as it is a unique showcase with a multidisciplinary vocation to present each year the use cases and success stories of operators, companies, universities, and institutions. All the presentations of this edition, and of previous editions, can be seen through ‘El Observatorio’, the digital platform of Medina Media Events, where in addition all the interventions will be available 24/365 for on-demand consumption, like Netflix, but free of charge.

More information at: 5G forum.