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Message from the Director

1. Practical Quantum Key Distribution based on the BB84 protocol

2. LTE-Advanced System Level Simulation Platform for IMT-Advanced Evaluation

3. Dynamic Femtonode Switching by Means of a Low Power Radio Interface for Energy Savings and Interference Reduction

5. Speaker Localization and Detection in Videoconferencing Environments Using a Modified SRP-PHAT Algorithm

6. Optimization of DVB-T Networks for the Provision of Local and Mobile Services

7. Application specific photonic integrated circuits through generic integration, a novel paradigm in photonics

8. New waveguide technology for antennas and circuits

9. Efficient and Accurate Design of Passive Devices in Substrate Integrated Waveguide Technology and their Tapered Transitions from Microstrip Lines

10. A Hybrid Real-Time Vision-Based Person Detection Method

11. The impact of GPU/Multicore in Signal Processing: a quantitative approach

12. Application of non-destructive evaluation and signal processing for diagnosis of historic heritage buildings