• Oscilloscopes

    TEKTRONIX - TDS3012: 100 MHz, 2.5 GS/S, 5 M record length, 2 channel, GPIB Bus/ USB. TEKTRONIX - DPO3014: 100 MHz, ...
  • Infrarred Cameras

    Day and Night survillance Camera AP-B9400SR. Day and Night survillance Camera IR-MCC370N. Day and Night survillance Camera IR- MCC-D577N. ...
  • Ultrasonic cards

    IPR-90: 0.5-30 MHz IPR-100: 0.5-30 MHz PCI Board IPR-AD-1210, 0.5-30 MHz, Acquisition at fs= 100 MHz, 12 bits resolution ...
  • Probes

    500 kHz: K05S, 56126, Krautkramer; K05SM, 66118-530, Krautkramer. 800 KHz: DA05G, 66501, Krautkramer, Bicristal. 1 MHz: K1SM, 57873-1238, Krautkramer; K1SC, ...
  • Hydrophones

    Cetacean Research C55 Cetacean Research C57 (x2) Cetacean Research CR1 Reson TC4013

    The SAMARUC system is a complete passive acoustic monitoring solution (hardware and software) designed by the researchers of the iTEAM-UPV ...
  • Networking Equipment

    COMM maintains a cooperation agreement with Juniper Networks through which the company donates equipment and Software Development Kits to the ...
  • Sensors and Microcontrollers

    Domotic sensors (humidity, temperature, motion, etc) and Open development platforms (Arduino, Netduino, Raspberry) for home automation applications, and biometric sensors ...
  • Clean Room

    A clean room ISO 8 of 50m2 is available for R&D and testing microwave components and circuits in ambient and ...

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